Mahogany Tarot Keyword Meanings

The Fool
Upright: Beginnings, spontaneity, innocence
Reversed: Naivety, recklessness, folly

The Magician
Upright: Skill, manifestation, action
Reversed: Trickery, deceit, manipulation

The High Priestess
Upright: Intuition, mystery, secrets
Reversed: Hidden agendas, repressed emotions, lack of intuition

The Empress
Upright: Fertility, abundance, creativity
Reversed: Neglect, infertility, creative blockage

The Emperor
Upright: Authority, structure, stability
Reversed: Tyranny, lack of control, chaos

The Hierophant
Upright: Tradition, guidance, conformity
Reversed: Rebellion, nonconformity, unorthodox beliefs

The Lovers
Upright: Love, harmony, union
Reversed: Disharmony, breakup, infidelity

The Chariot
Upright: Triumph, willpower, control
Reversed: Defeat, lack of direction, control issues

Upright: Courage, strength, power
Reversed: Weakness, lack of willpower, self-doubt

The Hermit
Upright: Solitude, introspection, wisdom
Reversed: Isolation, loneliness, withdrawal

Wheel of Fortune
Upright: Change, cycles, destiny
Reversed: Stagnation, bad luck, resistance to change

Upright: Fairness, balance, truth
Reversed: Injustice, bias, dishonesty

The Hanged Man
Upright: Sacrifice, surrender, letting go
Reversed: Stuck, indecision, resistance to change

Upright: Transformation, endings, new beginnings
Reversed: Resistance to change, stagnation, fear of the unknown

Upright: Moderation, balance, harmony
Reversed: Imbalance, excess, disharmony

The Devil
Upright: Temptation, addiction, materialism
Reversed: Release, freedom, enlightenment

The Tower
Upright: Sudden change, upheaval, revelation
Reversed: Avoidance, delayed disaster, fear of change

The Star
Upright: Hope, inspiration, renewal
Reversed: Lack of faith, despair, discouragement

The Moon
Upright: Intuition, emotions, mystery
Reversed: Deception, confusion, anxiety

The Sun
Upright: Joy, vitality, success
Reversed: Pessimism, temporary setback, lack of energy

Upright: Rebirth, renewal, awakening
Reversed: Self-doubt, refusal to change, lack of self-awareness

The World
Upright: Completion, wholeness, fulfillment
Reversed: Incompletion, stagnation, lack of closure.

Ace of Wands
Upright: Inspiration, potential, new beginnings
Reversed: Lack of direction, delays, missed opportunities

Two of Wands
Upright: Planning, progress, decisions
Reversed: Lack of planning, delays, indecision

Three of Wands
Upright: Expansion, opportunities, foresight
Reversed: Delays, missed opportunities, lack of foresight

Four of Wands
Upright: Celebration, community, harmony
Reversed: Conflict, tension, instability

Five of Wands
Upright: Competition, challenges, conflict
Reversed: Conflict resolution, cooperation, unity

Six of Wands
Upright: Victory, success, recognition
Reversed: Self-doubt, fear of success, arrogance

Seven of Wands
Upright: Defensiveness, perseverance, competition
Reversed: Giving up, surrender, lack of conviction

Eight of Wands
Upright: Swiftness, progress, action
Reversed: Delays, obstacles, miscommunication

Nine of Wands
Upright: Resilience, persistence, courage
Reversed: Burnout, fatigue, giving up

Ten of Wands
Upright: Burdens, responsibility, hard work
Reversed: Overwhelm, burnout, letting go.

Page of Wands
Upright: Exploration, curiosity, new beginnings
Reversed: Lack of direction, impulsivity, recklessness

Knight of Wands
Upright: Action, adventure, passion
Reversed: Impulsivity, aggression, recklessness

Queen of Wands
Upright: Creativity, passion, confidence
Reversed: Selfishness, manipulation, insecurities

King of Wands
Upright: Leadership, vision, inspiration
Reversed: Impulsivity, domination, hot temper

Ace of Swords
Upright: Clarity, truth, breakthroughs
Reversed: Confusion, lack of clarity, mental blocks

Two of Swords
Upright: Indecision, choices, stalemate
Reversed: Indecision, avoidance, no-win situations

Three of Swords
Upright: Heartbreak, pain, sorrow
Reversed: Healing, recovery, forgiveness

Four of Swords
Upright: Rest, contemplation, recuperation
Reversed: Exhaustion, burnout, insomnia

Five of Swords
Upright: Conflict, betrayal, loss
Reversed: Reconciliation, forgiveness, compromise

Six of Swords
Upright: Transition, progress, leaving behind
Reversed: Delayed progress, inability to move on, unfinished business

Seven of Swords
Upright: Deception, theft, strategy
Reversed: Honesty, returning what was taken, coming clean

Eight of Swords
Upright: Imprisonment, restriction, fear
Reversed: Freedom, release, overcoming fear

Nine of Swords
Upright: Anxiety, fear, nightmares
Reversed: Relief, healing, letting go

Ten of Swords
Upright: Betrayal, endings, pain
Reversed: Recovery, healing, new beginnings

Page of Swords
Upright: Curiosity, communication, mental agility
Reversed: Dishonesty, manipulation, rash decisions

Knight of Swords
Upright: Action, direction, determination
Reversed: Recklessness, impulsivity, aggression

Queen of Swords
Upright: Clarity, objectivity, independence
Reversed: Coldness, bitterness, isolation

King of Swords
Upright: Authority, power, truth
Reversed: Manipulation, abuse of power, cruelty.

Ace of Cups
Upright: Love, emotion, new relationships
Reversed: Blocked emotions, emptiness, missed opportunities

Two of Cups
Upright: Connection, love, partnership
Reversed: Disconnection, disharmony, broken relationships

Three of Cups
Upright: Celebration, community, friendship
Reversed: Disruption, exclusion, overindulgence

Four of Cups
Upright: Apathy, contemplation, reevaluation
Reversed: Self-care, acceptance, new opportunities

Five of Cups
Upright: Loss, grief, disappointment
Reversed: Acceptance, moving on, finding silver linings

Six of Cups
Upright: Nostalgia, childhood, memories
Reversed: Moving on, letting go, living in the present

Seven of Cups
Upright: Choices, illusion, fantasy
Reversed: Clarity, reality, making decisions

Eight of Cups
Upright: Disillusionment, walking away, searching for truth
Reversed: Fear of change, avoidance, staying in the comfort zone

Nine of Cups
Upright: Contentment, satisfaction, emotional fulfillment
Reversed: Smugness, materialism, emotional unfulfillment

Ten of Cups
Upright: Harmony, family, happiness
Reversed: Discord, disconnection, dysfunctional family

Page of Cups
Upright: Creativity, imagination, intuition
Reversed: Emotional immaturity, lack of creativity, delusion

Knight of Cups
Upright: Romance, charm, inspiration
Reversed: Moodiness, unrealistic expectations, emotional manipulation

Queen of Cups
Upright: Empathy, compassion, intuition
Reversed: Emotional insecurity, mood swings, codependency

King of Cups
Upright: Emotional balance, compassion, diplomacy
Reversed: Emotional manipulation, moodiness, lack of empathy.

Ace of Pentacles
Upright: Abundance, prosperity, opportunity
Reversed: Greed, missed opportunities, lack of abundance

Two of Pentacles
Upright: Balance, adaptability, prioritization
Reversed: Imbalance, inflexibility, lack of priorities

Three of Pentacles
Upright: Collaboration, teamwork, craftsmanship
Reversed: Miscommunication, lack of teamwork, poor quality

Four of Pentacles
Upright: Security, stability, control
Reversed: Greed, materialism, overprotectiveness

Five of Pentacles
Upright: Poverty, hardship, insecurity
Reversed: Recovery, assistance, hope

Six of Pentacles
Upright: Generosity, charity, sharing
Reversed: Greed, selfishness, taking without giving

Seven of Pentacles
Upright: Patience, hard work, perseverance
Reversed: Impatience, lack of progress, giving up too soon

Eight of Pentacles
Upright: Diligence, apprenticeship, honing skills
Reversed: Lack of focus, laziness, perfectionism

Nine of Pentacles
Upright: Independence, self-sufficiency, luxury
Reversed: Financial problems, dependence, materialism

Ten of Pentacles
Upright: Wealth, inheritance, family legacy
Reversed: Financial failure, broken family ties, loss of inheritance

Page of Pentacles
Upright: Ambition, practicality, new opportunities
Reversed: Lack of ambition, impracticality, missed opportunities

Knight of Pentacles
Upright: Hard work, responsibility, routine
Reversed: Laziness, boredom, inflexibility

Queen of Pentacles
Upright: Nurturing, practicality, abundance
Reversed: Codependency, smothering, neglect

King of Pentacles
Upright: Wealth, abundance, stability
Reversed: Greed, materialism, financial problems.