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About Kasheera

I am the author of the Mahogany Tarot Deck (2021) and 4 children’s books (2017-2018). I remember at the age of 18 buying my very first miniature tarot deck and being absolutely fascinated at the prospect of a deck of cards providing insights into my current situation. I used it for personal readings mainly and was blown away at the accuracy of my readings.  Fast forward 10+ years when I finally decided to really learn tarot and start doing reading for others. It was during this time that I brought my first giant Rider Waite Deck and started using them in my studies. After doing multiple practice readings, I realized that I didn’t really see myself in any of the cards.  This was the moment I decided to reimagine the characters in shades of mahogany and thus Mahogany Tarot was born. I hope that lovers of the original Rider Waite appreciate this new spin on a beloved classic.
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I have loved art since I was little and was thrilled to take art in high school and college. However digital art has been my jam since I discovered photoshop 10+ years ago! One of the things that I love the most is transforming things which is why I also have a love for making jewelry out of clay, and digital art lights me up all the same. I initially just wanted to paint an empress who looked like me and once I did that I realize it would be cool to paint the other characters as well. I have a deep respect for the original artist, Pamela Coleman Smith, which is why I felt leaving the backgrounds and clothing untouched allows a more collaborative piece in the end.  One of my biggest challenges was restoring the original colors of each image as the source files I started with were dull and of low quality. I also really wanted to make sure that most of the character’s faces were really transformed which was a bit tedious. I am most proud of the characters that look completely different than the original. It took me almost 8 months just to get the art to a place that I was happy with. I might be a bit of a perfectionist but I love the vibrancy that I was able to achieve with this deck. Funnily enough after creating this deck, I’m inspired to create even more decks so as I continue to improve my art skills – more decks will definitely be coming down the line. Also just want to note that my goal was not to replace the original amazing deck but to add another option for brown and black ppl so that they might see themselves reflected. The Rider Waite is the standard used in courses and so many other Tarot learning tools and representation has a powerful impact. 

Its Here!

Mahogany Tarot

seeing 22 boxes rolling up to our apt complex put me into a bit of a panic as my printer clearly stated they don’t ship to non-commercial residences but I was relieved to see the UPS  men rolling these heavy boxes to our doorstep. One guy said “Sheesh, what do you have in these boxes?” LOL Each box weighs about 28lbs which is why I enlisted the HUBS to do most of the transport to the inside of our house where we stacked them nicely and inspected the decks. Next was to hide them cleverly all over the apt as to not have our place look like a warehouse. lol  Now, let me introduce you to the team!

mahogany tarot

The Inspector

mahogany tarot bts

My Sonshine inspects each deck and makes sure they are in top-quality shape. Ready to ship!

The Closer

mahogany tarot bts

Baby girl makes sure the boxes are closed up and that everything is stored away properly.

The Muscle

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Boo does the heavy lifting and ensures everything is out of the way until we need them. He is also the best photographer/videographer in the house so also handles all of the pictures and videos!

The Boss Lady

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Yesss! Mama bear gets to be the boss lady and is so appreciative to have such a supportive family that also wants to see this baby thrive. I also love being able to teach my lil ones about the quality and care that goes into creating and shipping a product to customers. Quality matters! : )